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Agile Process- and Quality Management

semantic::bpm - Turn your MediaWiki into a powerful Process Manager

semantic::bpm is one of the most comprehensive process and quality management solutions for Semantic MediaWiki.

State-of-the-art process and quality management needs to support the momentum and agility of today's enterprises. The key is flexible and integrative systems. With semantic::bpm, employees develop and improve processes "bottom-up" to overcome the last mile in process management:

"from process documentation to lived reality."

semantic::bpm is part of semantic::apps, one of the most comprehensive suites of integrated business applications for Semantic MediaWiki. Through the use of semantic technologies semantic::apps combine the agile way of documenting using wikis with the management of structured data known from databases. semantic::apps describe the meaning of information in a machine-readable form, integrate distributed information, structure knowledge and record complex relationships.

In the context of a quality management system (e. g. according to DIN EN ISO 9001) semantic::bpm means editing, publishing and managing of documented procedures, work instructions, documents and records without cross-media conversion. Thus, by collaboration and participation among all process stakeholders, the difference between documented processes and actually used processes is minimized while acceptance is maximized.

Time Savings

  • in gathering of information through automated information update and aggregation
  • in information sharing through automated notification and self-service
  • in modeling processes through automated creation of charts
  • in maintaining process models through automated update of linked content
  • in finding information through semantic search and filtering

Improved Communication

  • in collaborating on processes through a browser-based architecture
  • in exchanging opinions through integrated discussion pages
  • in teaching employees through task-related, filterable process models

Better Results, Less Mistakes

  • in documentation of process models through linked, automatically updated content
  • in handling of business transactions through informed employees

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