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Semantic MediaWiki Appliance

semantic::core - Turn-key Semantic MediaWiki Appliance

semantic::core is an integrated software bundle that greatly simplifies the deployment of Semantic MediaWiki and its required dependencies.

Through the use of semantic technologies semantic::core combines the agile way of documenting using wikis with the management of structured data known from databases. Within the organization, semantic::core optimizes the flow of information using smart information technology to create transparency, fast coordination processes, clear basis for decision-making and low administrative overheads.

Even for experienced administrators the deployment and maintenance of Semantic MediaWiki may be a continuous challenge. After all, operating system, web server, database, runtime environment, MediaWiki and the numerous extensions needs to be kept up-to-date.

We take on this task for you.

  • We are active MediaWiki developers with excellent contacts to other developers worldwide.
  • We follow new features early on our radar and safe you from unnecessary in-house development.
  • We continuously test and integrate the most important software components providing you with a robust "Semantic MediaWiki Stack" without the need for proprietary installers.
  • semantic::core is shipped as Virtual Appliance and can be deployed to your network within a very short time.
Get In Touch
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If you're interested in semantic::core or you've got a question that needs answering, I'm here to help.

Alexander GESINN
+49 9435 652198-0