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Agile Project Management

semantic::bpm - Turn your MediaWiki into a powerful Project Manager

semantic::prj is one of the most comprehensive project management solutions for Semantic MediaWiki.

Businesses do not develop strategies or make decisions. Nor do businesses carry out projects or develop new products. It's the people who drive business forward, implement strategies, make decisions and lead projects to success.

However, individual employees are faced with a growing challenge: the abundance of new day-to-day information. This is particularly true for project business. E-mails, meetings, conference calls, tasks, documents, specifications, appointments need to be edited, created and managed. Efficient information management is essential for successful projects. Flexible and integrative systems are key.

To tackle these challenges for project teams, has developed semantic::prj. semantic::prj is part of semantic::apps, one of the most comprehensive suites of integrated business applications for Semantic MediaWiki. Through the use of semantic technologies semantic::apps combine the agile way of documenting using wikis with the management of structured data known from databases. semantic::apps describe the meaning of information in a machine-readable form, integrate distributed information, structure knowledge and record complex relationships.

Within the project, semantic::prj optimizes the flow of information using smart information technology to create transparency, fast coordination processes, clear basis for decision-making and low administrative overheads.

Time Savings

  • in compiling plans, documents and reports through automated information update and aggregation
  • in information sharing through automated notification and self-service
  • in creating and updating project documentation through automated creation of charts, tables, lists and text
  • in finding information through semantic search and filtering

Improved Communication

  • in collaborating on projects through a browser-based architecture
  • in exchanging opinions through integrated discussion pages

Better Results, Less Mistakes

  • in project documentation through linked, automatically updated content
  • in carrying out projects through informed team members
  • in carrying out projects through lessons learned from previous projects

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